Friday's Happy Hour #1

Two people have sorta' blown my mind this week: Mr. Weird Al and SIA.

As a creative, you learn to appreciate all the time and effort that goes into CREATING something. I, for example have been trying to type up this quick blog post ALL week, it's Friday, and I'm finally here.

What an amazing comeback it has been for Mr. Weird Al. He's come back sharing his ever so Klever parodies of current singles. In case you haven't heard about this, here's what he shared:


My favorite thus far HAS to be his Blurred Lines parody titled Word Crimes. This video encompasses all sorts of awesomeness; my love/hate relationship with proper grammar, syntax, typography, a great beat, as well as my recurring conversations about newer generations losing all sorts of respect for the English language in general. Credit where credit is due: Jarrett Heather designed, photographed, illustrated and animated this 4-minute romp. You can see more of his work here.

On another side of the creative shell, there's SIA who released her newest song: Chandelier. 

SIA has always been adrift in her imagination when creating her music videos which are incredibly detailed and embedded imagery and symbolism. The Chandelier video has already sparked conversations regarding the theme, meaning and a debate about the 11 year old's attire. I give so much credit to the young and talented Maddie Ziegler who performed beautifully.

And now for a good Friday Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo learn the choreograph!

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Have a great weekend everyone!