Friday's Happy Hour #2

What are you afraid of? How old do you choose to be?

This week I was truly motivated by fear. When the amount of projects pile up to where you see no end, fear can often times paralyze you. I used to be afraid of not meeting a deadline but that has diminished since I've learned that as long as I focus and press forward, I can do it. 

However, when my fear of heights, darkness, and taxidermy arrives, there are mantras that I have to repeat over and over to overcome those moments.

What are YOU afraid of and how do you overcome your fears?

I'm going to share with you a video that has enlightened me about FEAR and AGING. These two ladies are in their 70's and they've never flown a plane. They have spent most of their lives declining to fly due to their fears but what caught my attention is that their curiosity had been there ALL their lives.  Where do we go if not in the direction of our fears?  Please watch it, and try not to tear up as one of them reveals their "new" age at the end. It's never too late to try something new!

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Have a great weekend everyone!