Falling behind, moving forward.

It's been a long time, I know, but I'm here now and I feel great!

I have been working. A LOT.

Since I began designing in college, I have had a steady stream of freelance clients. Some clients have been working with me for 10 years now and keep coming back for more.  However, my professional strengths have grown exponentially since college. Nothing will give you the knowledge of the "real world" as...well, the REAL WORLD. Since 2005, I've been a designer for multiple respectable companies where my role has matured and evolved. I'm currently a Creative Director for a home health agency and the amount of things I have learned these last few years has me confidently supplying my work and ideas as a consultant for other businesses. In the past, however, I would take on ANY and EVERY project that would come my way.  If you are a freelancer you know that this can be a blessing and a curse because the amount of hours worked can quickly add up. Add that to a full time job and you've got yourself a migraine and a non-existent social life.


I quit social media. (Ok, you can breathe now!)

How do you quit social media? Easy, get rid of all the (social media) apps on your phone, block the social media websites and move on.  It is definitely easier said than done (I will def. write about this in the future) but the benefits that I got from this are immeasurable! I did it for a total of 6 months and I'm slowly working my way back in. I admit, however, that I've lost interest in Facebook.  Facebook is an amazing tool for marketing but....it's lost some of its drive unless you actually put some $$ into it. More on that later....

Instead, I read 3 books about social media, the psychology behind, how to use it with better purpose but most importantly, how to generate RESULTS. (stay tuned for more)


I went back to basics.

After completing 4 BIG projects, it gave me the financial and mental freedom I had been seeking for a while. I am now investing more time into my hobbies like painting, drawing, doodling, photography, my house, garden, etc. and I'm slowly sorting my thoughts and goals....oh, and I'm slowly coming out of my shell again and being active on social media.

What can you expect? Well, a whole of me around here!